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Life Updates

Life has been busy so I have not been able to update this in a while, but I have a few minutes so here are somethings that have happened recently.

I found a web design job! It has been a bit stressful getting adjusted but overall I am very happy to have this opportunity and to be able to do this kind of work. I have sort of a long commute but the freeway usually moves pretty smoothly in the direction I have to go. It’s a relatively small start up company, but it seems to be expanding at a rapid pace due to increasing interest in web and search engine marketing, which the company specialize in. Tim is also happy that I can take over paying the rent for a while!

Tim is getting settled into the PhD program in Mathematics here at the University of Utah by having secured an advisor and deciding to specialize in Algebraic Geometry.

Our social life here has become more consistent, which is nice. Twice a week we go out to dinner with friends to get burritos at Chipotle, or Thai food at Chanon Thai Cafe (so good!). ¬†We also hangout with them to watch the shows “Glee” and the “Office.”


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