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New Front Room

Recently Tim and I took some of our tax refund money and bought new bookshelves at Ikea.  We used them to reorganize the front room into little nooks.  The feng shui is much improved now.  We also bought some plants and hung some pictures on the wall.  Here are some pix (sorry the white balance is off and so is the focus, but I’m going to be a bad photography student and not fix them right now because I’m too lazy).

But first I need to showcase how ridiculous Cauchy looks right now.  We took him to the groomers for the first time because he had become pretty scruffy.  His fur was so matted though that she had to just shave it all off so that he can start over for next time.  He is almost unrecognizable right now and looks very awkward.  Poor funny Cauchy.


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