Life Updates

Life has been busy so I have not been able to update this in a while, but I have a few minutes so here are somethings that have happened recently.

I found a web design job! It has been a bit stressful getting adjusted but overall I am very happy to have this opportunity and to be able to do this kind of work. I have sort of a long commute but the freeway usually moves pretty smoothly in the direction I have to go. It’s a relatively small start up company, but it seems to be expanding at a rapid pace due to increasing interest in web and search engine marketing, which the company specialize in. Tim is also happy that I can take over paying the rent for a while!

Tim is getting settled into the PhD program in Mathematics here at the University of Utah by having secured an advisor and deciding to specialize in Algebraic Geometry.

Our social life here has become more consistent, which is nice. Twice a week we go out to dinner with friends to get burritos at Chipotle, or Thai food at Chanon Thai Cafe (so good!).  We also hangout with them to watch the shows “Glee” and the “Office.”


New Front Room

Recently Tim and I took some of our tax refund money and bought new bookshelves at Ikea.  We used them to reorganize the front room into little nooks.  The feng shui is much improved now.  We also bought some plants and hung some pictures on the wall.  Here are some pix (sorry the white balance is off and so is the focus, but I’m going to be a bad photography student and not fix them right now because I’m too lazy).

But first I need to showcase how ridiculous Cauchy looks right now.  We took him to the groomers for the first time because he had become pretty scruffy.  His fur was so matted though that she had to just shave it all off so that he can start over for next time.  He is almost unrecognizable right now and looks very awkward.  Poor funny Cauchy.

This weekend we went on a trip to Red Butte Gardens for the digital photography class I took.  I am trying to figure out Tim’s camera and it has been pretty fun.  Here are some fun pictures I took.

An Ode to Cauchy

Tim took some pictures of me with Cauchy that I really like.  We are getting to know him more.  He is showing us his full energy and personality now that he is used to us and over is kennel cough, and we are having so much fun with him!  He has definitely been acting more doggy like than he was in his first week here.  He wakes us up in the morning by jumping up on the bed, walking all over us and trying to lick our faces.  He is super super excited when we get home, jumping at least twice his height and running back and forth between us.  He is even starting to play with his toys.  We love to see him shake to fluff his fur up.  He still has some cat-like behavior, like being fast and agile when threatened, sleeping alot, and finding all soft places to curl up, no matter how unusual.  Today we took him on two long walks and gave him his first bath.  Now he is dog-tired and sleeping between us on our new couch.  He is so sweet, soft, and adorable, and we love him so much!

Monica Visits

My good friend Monica came to visit us in the great state of Utah.  Lucky for her, it has been about the smoggiest I have seen it here, so she couldn’t really enjoy the mountain view too much (It’s just getting worse this week..gross).  Anyways we started the weekend by going shopping at The Gateway Mall downtown (I have missed my shopping buddy indeed).    We made the happy accident of walking into the store with the best deals first, so afterwards we weren’t really inspired to buy anything if it wasn’t under $15.  We also went to see the movie “Marley & Me.”  She had just finished reading the book and wanted to see the movie version.  I thought it was very cute, especially  in light of my new doggy friend!

Sunday we drove over to Park City to check out the Sundance Film Festival scene.  It was interesting to see Park City with it’s snow cover and with the Hollywood/New York fashionable type crowd on it’s streets.  We wandered Main Street for a bit and ate some Pizza.  On our way back Monica and I recognized Lucas Grabeel who plays Ryan Evans in the” High School Musical” movies hanging out on the sidewalk with some people.  Monica and I were originally too shy to go over and ask for a picture, but luckily we had Tim with us, who could care less about what an actor would think, and he asked for us.  So we got a picture with him and then he asked us if we would go to a screening of some shorts for his production company.  So we went to that, which was in a room with a projector and folding chairs (about 100 people maybe).  The shorts were fun to watch, pretty interesting and funny.  So it was nice that we did get to go to a showing that felt very film-festivally (shh that’s totally a word).  Plus we got personally invited by the actor [insert pretentious throat-clearing noise here].

Monday I showed Monica around some of Salt Lake, most of which was closed (East High & the Library).  What was open of course was the Mormon Temple.  Monica got the complete Utah experience when she stopped following me for a second to read a blurb about Adam & Eve, and was immediately approached to by one of their missionaries, who proceeded to aks her a bunch of questions about her beliefs.  Haha.  So I told her next time to never stop when walking around that place or prepare to be proselytized to!

Pictures (many stolen from Monica’s facebook):


Cauchy the Dog

A few months ago, we realized that something was missing from our lives. We quickly determined that we could fill this void with some kind of dog. Eventually Tim concluded that for his birthday he wanted a used dog. Mission: accomplished.

Our doggy was a stray, which means we had to pick a name. Obviously we went with Cauchy, named for the elite mathematician. This has the added benefit that the nickname — pronounced “cosh” — happens to be a useful mathematical function. This dog’s destiny has clearly set a course for nerdiness.

Obviously you now want to see pictures of Cauchy, which Tim was happy to shoot:

Cauchy is the perfect dog for us. He’s just the right size for the house; he hasn’t barked once, not even when we visited him in the noisy shelter. He’s instantly friendly to everyone he meets, but he’s respectful in how he approaches people. He doesn’t mind relaxing when you’re trying to work, but if he catches you taking a break he’s sure to come over for some attention. When he needs to go outside, he patiently waits by the door, but never jumps up and scratches. When he sees you grab the leash, he sticks his head out quietly so you can put it on without any fuss. When the UPS guy came to deliver some boxes, Cauchy stepped out of the door to greet him, but didn’t run off. Easily among the best-behaved dogs we’ve ever met. And he’s ours!

S (Nooooooo!) W

Here’s some pics from skiing in Utah at the Solitude ski resort and from our trip back to WA.


The road to the ski resorts.

The road to the ski resorts.


Tim ninja driving in the snow.

Tim ninja driving in the snow.


Me & Tim's Mom ready to ski (yes that's me under there somewhere).

Tim's Mom & me ready to ski (yes that's me under there somewhere).


Tim & me

Tim & me


Here's our backyard in Salt Lake with the lights we put up.

Here's our backyard in Salt Lake with the lights we put up.




Back in WA & too much snow!




Car drowning

Car drowning



Weve the snowman

Weve the snowman